We know from first-hand experience that you’re never really comfortable switching to a raw diet until you prepare your own raw meal. You can read all the books, take all of the courses, but sometimes getting your hands dirty is just the push you need to make the transition. And don’t worry, we’ll be here to hold your hand (even if it’s dirty).

LIVE virtual DIY fresh food class

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Real Dog Food Workshop $49


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Get hands-on at our interactive online workshop

Receive your customized shopping list.
Join a small private group online (max 8).
Review canine nutrition fundamentals and feeding models.
Prepare a week's worth of meals with expert guidance.
Ask your instructor anything during food prep or live Q&A session.

There are no prerequisites for the workshop - it’s a great fit for new and seasoned gently cooked or raw feeders, and RACE-approved for 2 CEs for veterinary professionals. If you’re taking the Dog Food Basics Nutrition Course, we suggest signing up after you complete Unit 6. The workshop is included in the Professional Canine Nutritionist Certification (CPCN).

Veterinary professionals can now earn 2 CEs upon completion of the workshop!

Our hands-on interactive online workshop is intentionally limited to 8 seats and allows you to ask questions specific to you and your dog. You will be required to go out and shop for your raw food and together, learn:

  • How to calculate how much and what to feed
  • Which raw feeding model to follow and why
  • How to swap out proteins and food sources
  • What to expect when introducing new food
  • Tips and tricks for transitioning, sourcing, efficient prep time

We talk about your dog’s nutritional requirements, address common concerns about raw feeding and bacteria, and how to successfully transition your dog to DIY prepared raw food. Every dog, person, budget and lifestyle is different, we can give you tips on what to expect plus how to troubleshoot when something doesn’t go as planned.

The interactive workshop is included in the Professional Canine Nutrition Course. It’s a required component to receive your certification. Learn more about how to become a Certified Professional Canine Nutritionist (CPCN™)

This workshop is perfect for you if:

  • You have done all your research and are ready to start feeding raw
  • You feed premade raw and want to save some money by doing it yourself
  • You’re not sure which raw feeding model is right for you and your dog
  • You would like to tips on transitioning or sourcing, and get an idea of how others do it

What to expect:

  • You’ll complete information about your dog: age, weight, activity level, protein intolerances
  • We’ll prepare your shopping list and send you a list of tools and supplies to have on hand
  • You can also use our free for reference
  • You’ll get first hand experience shopping for all your ingredients locally
  • On the day of the workshop, we’ll give you a 30 minute overview of feeding models, nutritional requirements and troubleshooting tips
  • You’ll make 7 days worth of raw meals for your dog ON YOUR OWN!
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