RACE-Approved Program 20-940312

Professional Canine
Nutrition Certification

This course helps you learn why and how to feed real food and guide others on their fresh food journey.

  • Designed for veterinary professionals
  • 1 year access, includes updates
  • Browser access on desktop
  • Badge of completion
  • Interactive Online DIY Raw Food Workshop
  • RACE-approved for 10 CEs

Real Dog Food Workshop

$49 Free

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Learn how to feed your dog Real Food

Become a Certified Professional Canine Nutritionist (CPCN)™

Master the skills of feeding dogs species-appropriate diets to prevent nutrient-related diseases and increase overall health, well-being, and longevity.

  • Learn about the benefits of feeding REAL food to dogs.
  • Learn the truth about commercial diets and how they can contribute to canine disease
  • 7 units with 60 separate articles that cover topics ranging from basic nutrition to creating fresh whole food meals that balance over time.

Veterinarians have expressed two main concerns with their clients feeding raw food to their dogs, bacterial contamination and nutritional imbalances. The Feed Real Institute Professional Canine Nutrition course addresses these issues specifically throughout the course.

The course aims to ease the mind and reduce the concerns of veterinary professionals as they encounter clients that have chosen to feed their dogs whole food or raw diets. If the veterinary team is well-versed in the concepts of raw feeding, they can have constructive conversations with their clients rather than trying to discourage them from raw feeding. Encouraging clients to take the Real Dog Nutrition course for dog parents will strengthen the bond between the veterinary team and the dog parent as they proceed through the raw feeding journey together.

"Achieving that perfect balance between providing sufficient academic background and adequate practical information is challenging, but these courses excel at it! They provide both the rationale and the research for choosing to feed real food. "

Carol Falck

Top 3 Reasons you should take this course:

  • Your clients are transitioning to a raw diet. As their veterinarian you need to be prepared to guide them through their fresh food journey, including following baseline clinical markers through annual exams and comprehensive bloodwork.
  • Dogs in your care frequently
    • Are overweight or obese
    • Have poor oral health
    • Have itchy or yeasty paws and skin
    • Have soft stools and diarrhea
    • Have gas and really large stinky poops
  • You are an experienced raw feeder but want to take a deeper dive into complex nutritional topics.

Real Dog Food Workshop

$49 Free

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Professional Nutrition Certification Course includes topics such as:

The components of fresh food: muscle meat (protein), raw meaty bones (calcium), seafood (fats), fiber, liver/other secreting organs.
How to balance essential fats (Omega-3s and Omega-6s)
Why and how to meet AAFCO and NRC standards while feeding a raw diet
How to put your raw dog food bowl together, including supplements and whole food alternatives
How to combat the main two concerns about raw feeding: bacteria, and nutritional imbalances
The truth about carbohydrates and protein for the aging dog
Supplements & Alternatives
Overall costs of raw feeding
Monitoring for nutrient imbalances, clinical signs of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and clinical health markers to follow closely.
Interactions between vitamins, minerals, and medications
Debunking myths such as raw feeding can cause aggression in dogs and that all bones are bad for dogs!

Real Dog Food Workshop

$49 Free

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The hands-on DIY Real Dog virtual workshop is a mandatory component of the professional course. Sourcing the meal ingredients and compiling 7 days of meals for your dog helps cement the concepts of raw feeding.

Although the Professional Canine Nutrition course is designed for the veterinary profession, others that would benefit from the course include dog trainers, groomers, pet sitters, and any dog lover interested in canine nutrition.

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What you’ll learn

Unit 1: Understanding the Dog
Unit 2: Essential Nutrients
Unit 3: Feeding Standards
Unit 4: Feeding Fresh Food Basics
Unit 5: Getting Started and Transitioning to Real Food
Unit 6: Following Up After the Transition to Real Food
Unit 7: Common Myths and Misconceptions About Fresh Food
Final Exam for Certification

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