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Whether you’re a beginner looking to transition to a fresh diet or a seasoned fresh food advocate ready to expand your knowledge and help others, feedreal.com has everything you need to feed real food.

We built these foundational courses to train our own team members. But the Feedreal Movement is all about sharing resources to learn how to feed your dog real food so we’ve made these certifications available to the world.

Dog Parent Nutrition Course

We have helped thousands of dog owners make the transition from dry, processed food to fresh real food. We know from first-hand experience that there is so much information out there, it can be overwhelming and the truth is, you could be missing some critical components. Our Real Dog Food Nutrition Course is designed to teach the basics plus pro tips and tricks to confidentially feed your dog real food!

Pro Nutrition Certification

We decided it was time to take a different approach to learning about canine nutrition. One where the optimum diet for dogs included more whole food sources and less processed food. We could only do that by researching published and peer reviewed case studies (many of which have been left out of the SACN), and referencing more recent publications by holistic and integrative veterinarians whose interests are not aligned with any processed pet food companies.


We know from first-hand experience that you’re never really comfortable switching to a raw diet until prepare your own raw meal. You can read all the books, take all of the courses, but sometimes getting your hands dirty is the just the push you need to make the transition. And don’t worry, we’ll be here to hold your hand (even if it’s dirty).

Feedreal Subscription

We have spent the last ten years unlearning everything we know about kibble and obsessively researching the benefits of real fresh food for our dogs. At every opportunity, we’ve taken our research and shared it with you - through our workshops, courses, CE credits, summit, calculator and now through our comprehensive feedreal.com article database.

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