Raw Dog Food Directory

If you’re new to the raw feeding world, it may be a bit frustrating trying to figure out where to look for the components for your dog’s new diet. That's why we have developed a map to help you in your search. The map displays co-ops throughout the United States to offer you an opportunity to search what is nearby. If you already purchase from a co-op and it's not listed, we would love to hear from you so we can share it with other dog lovers. As you can see below, in addition to co-ops, you can find ingredients for your dog's raw bowl at grocery stores, local farms, and ethnic markets.


A raw food co-op is an organization that sells raw pet food in bulk and distributes it to local raw feeders. When you shop in a co-op, you can usually get food at a considerably lower price than you would elsewhere.

If you don't need everything in bulk, joining a raw feeding community on social media in your area can help you link with another raw feeder and share the cost.

The following is a list of raw food co-ops that we discovered through web research and recommendations from other raw feeders. These co-ops have not been evaluated for quality, service, pricing, or policy. We're not familiar with the folks in charge of these co-ops. Please direct any inquiries you have to the co-op of your choice.

Local Farms

If you happen to live in an area that’s rural, locating and contacting local farms is a good idea. Many small farms will provide you with good price estimates on their meat, but it’s important to keep in mind, meat that is consumed frequently by people may be higher in price than what’s found at a co-op or grocery store.

You can find local farms in your area by searching ‘farms in City, State’ on Google. You will likely have to call farms, if there is a phone number available, and ask if they sell to the local customer. If you have your items ready, you can request prices for the various items or ask to stop by or email your ‘grocery list’ for a price estimate.

Grocery Store

Grocery stores have some of the meat you may need, but they may not have the organ meat you’re looking for. Items like liver are often available, but spleen, pancreas, and other similar organs often aren’t. There are also certain types of seafood that may not be available at a local grocery store, but they may be available at an Asian market near you. Grocery stores also tend to be a bit on the pricier side, although you can look for deals in your area.

Ethnic & Specialty Markets

Ethnic markets and speciality stores, like your local Asian grocery market or seafood market, may have items that are hard to find like green-lipped mussels and fresh seafood. You may also find organ meats there when available.