This course helps you learn why and how to feed your dog real food, and walks you through practical ways to make the transition.

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Real Dog Food Workshop


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Begin your real dog food journey!

Dog food isn't complicated. We'll teach you how to meet your dog’s nutrtional needs with real food. You’ll learn how to make your dog's food at home confidently and on a budget!

Understand your dog’s anatomy, gut microbiome, and essential nutrients.

Learn feeding models, standards, and life stage strategies.

Learn tips and tricks for transitioning your dog to a new diet.

Understand your dog's clinical markers and how to work with your vet.

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"You will learn what dogs’ evolution and anatomy tell us about their optimum diet, the nutrients and other components that are contained in real food and are missing in dry kibble, and how to monitor your dog’s health with simple tests."

Dr. Shannon Indoe
Holistic Practitioner, Highland Holistic Veterinary Care

Top 5 reasons you should take this course.

  • My dog is always itchy or has yeasty paws and skin
  • My dog frequently has soft stools, gas or stinky poops
  • My dog is overweight, has low energy, at risk for diabetes
  • My dog does better on fresh, but pre-made is expensive and I want to learn how to make my dog’s food
  • I'm overwhelmed by all of the fancy bowls and blogs, I want a step by step guide to make sure I'm not missing any nutrients in my dog's food.

Learn why and how to DIY your dog’s fresh food at home. We don’t just show you how to build your bowl, we'll cite the science behind fresh food, give you further resources to read, plus break down myths and misconceptions, and tips to avoid common beginner mistakes.


Real Dog Food Workshop


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That is why we created the Dog Food Basics Course.

Basics of dog anatomy and the physiology of the gut microbiome
Essential vitamins and minerals for healthy dogs
The components of fresh food (protein, calcium, fats, fiber, liver/other secreting organs)
What AAFCO & NRC standards are and what this means when feeding a fresh diet
How to balance fats (omega-3s/6s)
How to put your bowl together
Supplements & Alternatives
How to combat concerns about bacteria, aggression and imbalances
Tip and tricks to confidently transition to fresh food

Real Dog Food Workshop


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What you’ll learn

Unit 1: Understanding Your Dog
Unit 2: Essential Nutrients
Unit 3: Feeding Standards
Unit 4: Feeding Fresh Food Basics
Unit 5: Getting Started and Transitioning to Real Food
Unit 6: Following Up After The Transition to Real Food
Unit 7: Common Myths and Misconceptions About Fresh Food
Final Exam

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